Mount Opera,AP's Biggest Multi-Theme Park Resort
Have you ever wondered what it would be to feel one with nature? To feel the soft caress of the gentle breeze, to hear the mischievous song of the bird nearby, to trip over a blade of grass and get up holding a flower in your hand, to let your hair loose in gay abandon, to indulge your skin to crystal clear water…

When it comes to respite from the modern day struggles, there are very few options that matches up to what we have to offer at Mt. Opera.

Welcome, to a different world. A world that transcends the mundane. An experience that brings together the charm of man-made extravaganza and natural excitement.

You could be the outdoor-type, or the one who prefers natural solitude, your preferences could be oriented towards adventures of the terrestrial or aquatic variety- there is something just right for everyone.

Mt. Opera, just the place for the well-deserved break that you always wanted to take. Because, we know what you want the most.

Promoted by Shivam Amusements Pvt. Ltd., a pioneer in entertainment based themes, Mount Opera Multi Theme Park/Resort, over the years has become a global name, when it comes to wholesome entertainment.



Concept & Design- Parivartan